Add extra Extension kit to your Whelping box to give Mum extra space and your puppies a safe secure play area.
For additional panels, jointing rods please see the Replacement parts page

Whelping Box Extension Kit

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Add an extension kit to your Whelping box to give Mum extra space and to provide the puppies with a safe, secure play area.

Kit consists of 1 extension base, 1 divider, 2 extension panels and 2 jointing rods.

Standard height is 20", but 24" high extension kits are available.

Price from £159

Whelping Box Dividers/Front panels

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Dividers are used to seperate the whelping box from the Extension kit. Extra front panels are used to keep the puppies in the box.

Three heights available 4" 6" and 8" - several dividers can be place on top of each other to make up a bigger panel e.g. 4 + 8 = 12"  Prices from £20


Puppy Rail


NEW - Aluminium Puppy Rail Just slots together

Sturdy but lightweight. Easy to remove and clean. Gives added protection for very young puppies.