Kittening Cubes

For the perfect breeding environment, these boxes are warm, hygienic, secure and easily cleaned. They are available in various sizes, which enable you to have a cube that suits both you and your pet.

Options can be added either intially or at a later stage. We strongly recommend that before ordering, if you are unsure of the size you require, that you telephone us for advice. Details of our most popular range are shown on the right.

Consisting of : 1 polycarbonate base, 1 back panel, 2 side panels, hinged top, 2 part front panel and 4 jointing rods. All units are 20" high.


Kittening Cube

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Available in four sizes all 20" high with a hinged top

24" x 18"    24" x 24"    30" x 24"    30" x 30"

Price from £269

Kittening Cube plus extension

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Available in three sizes with hinged top on cube and have a meshed extension run and a slide on mesh top for easy access.

24" x 18" cube and 24" x 18" extension    24" x 24" cube and 24" x 24" extension

30" x 24" cube and 30" x 24" extension    30" x 30" cube and 30" x 30" extension

36" x 30" cube and 36" x 30" extension    36" x 36" cube and 36" x 36" extension

Price from £469