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Tel: 0800 6440344
Email: snowsilk@hotmail.co.uk

Housing Units

These units are individual and can be attached to other units either horizontally or vertically to give a flexible multi purpose housing system. Different sizes can be made to fit a particular space and other configurations can be designed to provide just the system you want.

Standard Height of housing units 20". Note when ordering Housing Units please specify side by side option or one above another. All doors are reversible.

All units are available to order by telephone 0800 6440344 .

Block of Two

Housing Unit

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 w  x  d  x  h
20" x 18" x 20"   £545
24" x 18" x 20"   £595
24" x 24" x 20"   £645
30" x 24" x 20"   £745

Block of Four

Housing Unit

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 w  x  d  x  h
20" x 18" x 20"   £995
24" x 18" x 20"   £1095
24" x 24" x 20"   £1195
30" x 24" x 20"   £1395

Also available in Blocks of Six and Eight

Housing Unit

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 w  x  d  x  h           6            8
20" x 18" x 20"   £1445    £1895
24" x 18" x 20"   £1595    £2095
24" x 24" x 20"   £1745    £2295
30" x 24" x 20"   £2045    £2695

We can manufacture units to individual requirements. Please contact us for details.


As all units are individually made, please allow up to 14 days for delivery. Should you require a unit sooner than this, please contact us direct for a delivery date.


UK £15 - £25 dependant on size
If the order is for a NON UK country then the postage is estimated at checkout, should there be any changes to the amount of postage due, we will e mail you before accepting the order.


Snowsilk Housing Unit

Snowsilk Housing Unit

Snowsilk Housing Unit