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Product Features

All units are made from high quality uPVC, non-porous and stain resistant . Its smooth surface means it's simple to just wipe clean.

Made from tough hardwearing uPVC, these materials will last a lifetime. Unlike wood, it will not rot and the rigid construction means they are lightweight and stable.

Insulated Panels
The panels that make up the housing walls have an internal flute that traps air making the panels insulated and draught free in winter, and cool in summer.

Safe for Your Animals
Because of Snowsilk's unique slot-together design, there are no nails or screws to work loose, and its rigid construction ensures your animals are secure and safe.

Flat-Pack Ability

Packs flat when not in use or for traveling. Snowsilk's housing system has a unique slot-in construction so it takes minutes to take apart and resemble, no tools required. It can be easily packed away for storage.

An extension can be added either initially or at a later stage. This will give mum extra space as well as giving your puppies / kittens a safe secure play area.

Patent No. 2212139

Most Popular

Snowsilk Whelping Box plus extension and top

Box plus top and extension
This 30" x 30" x 20" uPVC Whelping Box is one of our most popular items, complete with 2 part top and extension box, it is ideally suited for the smaller breeds such as Cavaliers, Westies and Pekingese. Price £639

Snowsilk Whelping Box Medium/Large Breeds
A large 42" x 42" x 24" whelping box warm, hygienic, secure and easily cleaned suitable for the larger breeds such as Labradors and Retrievers. Price £479